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As a global African leader in democracy promotion, the Congo Freedom Alliance International (CFA) engages with critical issues in democracy, governance and elections in Africa. From programming aimed at ensuring electoral integrity and accountability to efforts to empower underrepresented populations, such as persons with disabilities, women and youth, to participate in electoral and political processes, CFA is at the forefront of innovative work to provide citizens around the world with the fundamental human right to have a say in how they are governed. Our research and surveys build on this work and aim to improve the electoral cycle in order to build sustainable democracy.

​We research, study, proposes solutions, write position papers on DRC good governance ideas, make them available to the public, provide public lectures, and advocate policy utilizing First Amendment rights before government decision making bodies on topics such as:

Society Problems

How solve society problems such as nonexistent or inadequate infrastructure, unsafe drinking water, extreme poverty, starvation and extreme malnutrition, unemployment, inadequate health care, inadequate education, inadequate transportation, inadequate electricity, inadequate conflict resolution and tribalism, inadequate State security and public safety, and an inadequate free market economy.  Congolese want to know that governments and businesses are working together to provide the basic needs of the people.  Congolese want to encourage new institutions to protect society from external and internal threats, so they no longer live in a perpetual state of fear.

Prevent Corruption

How control and prevent corruption, which is destructive to society, by joining international partnerships discouraging it?  DR Congo rated the 21 most corrupt countries on earth while Denmark ranked the least corrupt and the USA ranked as among top 15 least corrupt.  Congolese want a civilian government of, by and for all the people in the DR Congo, rather than rule by corrupt foreign and domestic civilian and military dictators benefiting only the few.  Congo Freedom Alliance studies how government can be inclusive of the many Congo voices, rather than the dictatorial personalities past and present who ignore and marginalize the will of the people.

Professional Services

How create a professional well trained professional government civil and military service that services society rather than autocratic dictators and corrupt allies?  Congolese want the development of civil and military government agencies where these public servants deliver essential services to all Congolese in a neutral fair efficient and effective manner absent of corruption, and so government is no longer the feared oppressors of the people, but instead they are servants of the people.  Government must be reconstructed so it not only can accomplish all the things people need government to do, but also to construct restraints in law that forces government to control itself.

Effective Constitution

Effective national, state and local constitutions.  Thomas Jefferson said: “In questions of powers, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”  Of a “good” Constitution.

Efficient Power

Efficient and effective separation of powers and checks and balances among legislative, judicial and executive branches of government in such a way to provide for the needs of the people, protect the State, and prevent abuse of power.  How successful countries have adopted more effective restraints to prevent abuse of power.  British Lord Acton said: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Conflict Resolution

How provide a framework for conflict resolution as DRCongo rated among 10 least peaceful places on earth, which includes truth and reconciliation conventions, and encouraging legislation that will contribute to peace and stability such as stopping illegal dealing in conflict minerals that fuels violence and instability?

Fair Freedom 

Society and individual freedoms, liberty, equality, and human rights.

Honest Election 

How create structure and law best to ensure honest fair elections whose results are respected by society?

True Democracy

Best society democracy practices

Law and Justice

How establish rule of justice law, and a professional civil service criminal justice and court system, and a professional legal system to protect the rights of the people and bring violators to justice?

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