Saved Nature Right

How provide a framework for conflict resolution as DRC rated among

10 least peaceful places on earth.


Congo Freedom Alliance (CFA) is a humanitarian pro-democracy not for profit social welfare think tank

created among University of Texas students and political science faculty.  


It engages in international community service to aid in solving problems for Congolese,

which will benefit not only them, but also the entire African continent and the world that is and has been expending extraordinary human and financial resources since the 1960's dealing with Africa Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) problems.


We research, study, proposes solutions, write position papers on DRC good governance ideas,

make them available to the public, provide public lectures, and advocate policy utilizing First Amendment rights before government decision making bodies on topics such as:




Supercharge Success with Better Decisions


Reach smart, broadly supported

decisions quickly, by harnessing the collective intelligence of diverse stakeholders. 


Embrace complexity, and avoid

the risk and polarization of simplistic “for” and

“against” decision-making.


Join The Movement!


Address: 600 Bellaire Drive, Ste #B14, Hurst, Texas 76053 United States

Tel: +1 (682) 256-5323 | DRC: +243 979358536 | Email :

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